Mee Atjeh and Nasi Goreng

We were not joking about our food being homecooked, and Mee Atjeh is the very symbol of this at Pinto. It is the recipe of our founder's mother, originally from Aceh Sumatra, and this beloved Acehnese specialty is taken to the next level at our cafe. 

Firstly, the sauce - it is made from a concoction of peanuts, chillies, herbs and spices - giving the dish a hint of spiciness which retains all its unique flavours. Next, the noodles itself is made on the premises, fresh with no preservatives and no colouring to bring out the homemade goodness of the sauce. The dish is then prepared by adding the sauce to our special broth designed especially for your choice of accompaniment - Vegetarian, Shrimp or Beef - and then topped off with spring onions and chinese parsley. All our Mee Atjeh are served with our Emping Melinjo - crackers that are brought in specially from Aceh - the perfect accompaniment to this meal. 


Our Nasi Goreng is made with the same special sauce - and we add absolutely no artificial flavour enhancers to our fried rice. Trust us, it makes a big difference. 


These dishes only available at certain times, do refer to our instagram account for latest menu.