BANJARAN ORIGIN is a labour of love - from the tree to your cup - crafted roast for you. Limited quantities of roasted Banjaran Origin beans are available for sale at any one time.

The ORIGIN is coffea Arabica that is grown here in the compound of Pinto Coffee in Janda Baik. We believe this to be the first Arabica coffee origin in peninsula Malaysia. It's grown naturally using permaculture farming methods - naturally nurtured coffee to bring out the best and freshest coffee cherries. 

Ripe coffee cherries are then handpicked before being processed - all on the premises. The berries are de-pulped, then fully washed before being sun-dried. It then goes through the de-hulling process before the green coffee beans makes its appearance. Green coffee beans are then roasted on the premises in small batches to ensure you enjoy only the freshest coffee. 

The other Premium Arabica Crafted Coffee; the KULTURA blend and BELANTARA of Gayo highlands single origin. They are selected arabica green coffee beans and roasted to a perfection. 

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The Banjaran Origin is the first and finest Arabica coffee cultivated in the highlands of Banjaran Titiwangsa in Peninsula Malaysia, by Pinto Coffee


As its name suggests, Kultura is a cross-cultural coffee blend - born out of the mingling of our homegrown Banjaran Origin, Belantara beans sourced from the Gayo highlands in Aceh, Sumatra and other premium Arabica beans - in our attempt to find the perfect balance in the body, aroma and aftertaste of our coffee. 


Excellent quality single origin Arabica coffee beans from Gayo Highlands in Central Aceh, Sumatra. Grown on volcanic soil in small-scale coffee plantations, surrounded by tropical rainforest at 1500-1800 meters above sea level.

This coffee carries a naturally earthy and fruity aromatics, with cherry and a hint of clove-like flavor. Enhanced by its fine-tune body, and juicy in accidity. It is smooth and flavorful with a pleasant aftertaste.

Everything is measured for perfect cups of coffee...