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BELANTARA - Crafted Coffee


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Excellent quality single origin arabica coffee beans from Gayo Highlands in Central Aceh, Sumatra. Grown in small-scale coffee plantations surrounded by tropical rainforest at 1500 to 1800 meters above sea level.

Gayo Arabica carries a naturally earthy and fruity aromatics, with cherry and a hint of clove-like flavor. Enhanced by its fine tune body, and juicy in acidity, it is smooth and flavorful with a pleasant aftertaste.

Sourced directly from Gayo farmers that meet our conservation, natural farming and quality standard, we crafted these roasted beans within a clean air facility in the highland rainforest of the Banjaran mountains in Pahang, Malaysia.

The 400g medium roast beans, packaged in a kraftpaper bag which has a one-way degassing valve, therefore it retains the freshness for longer periods. 

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